Painful, Stiff, Aching Muscles

Muscle stiffness is a condition in which muscles feel tight and contracted rather than the usual supple state of muscles at rest.

Muscle aches and pains are common and can involve more than one muscle and are most frequently related to tension, overuse, or muscle injury from exercise or physically-demanding work.

Applying Deep Heat Heat Rub delivers massage through application and, heat therapy and pain relief via four active ingredients:

  • methyl salicylate
  • eucalyptus oil
  • turpentine oil
  • menthol

Methyl salicylate has two actions. It is an asprin like drug which is absorbed through the skin and is converted to salicylic acid, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain. It also gives additional pain relief by its counter irritant action whereby it stimulates receptors in the skin to transmit warm signals to the brain to compete with and dilute pain signals.

Menthol is an analgesic and acting as a counter irritant, stimulating different receptors in the skin to dilute pain signals.

Eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil and Methyl Salicylate are rubefacients which dilate the blood vessels, which increases blood flow providing muscles with more heat, oxygen and nutrients.

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