Back pain

Back pain is a very common complaint, affecting many of us, caused by many factors including ageing, the body’s wear and tear, strains and minor injuries, muscular issues, poor posture, incorrectly lifting heavy objects, day-to-day stresses, over tiring muscles whilst playing sports or even sleeping in an awkward position rather than more serious causes.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

Just by following a few simple steps, you can help yourself to feel better – now and in the future

  • Back exercises – Simple back exercises, improving your posture, yoga or pilates can be helpful (see
  • Keep moving Avoid lying in bed and remain active as far as possible, even if you’re uncomfortable. This won’t harm your back, and you can expect to get better more quickly. Keep positive and stay active by doing the things you enjoy.
  • Heat and cold therapy Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch can relieve pain for up to 16 hours from tense muscles. While cold from Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch can help relieve discomfort from sudden back pain. Read the label.
  • Painkillers ‘Rub-on’ (topical) treatments such as Deep Heat Heat Rub or Deep Heat Max Strength are effective in pain relief with the added benefit of heat. Stronger medicines are an additional option when simpler ones are not working. Ask your pharmacist.